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Issues with Szuru

Jun 08 at 12:00pm CEST
Affected services

Jun 09 at 08:00pm CEST

Szuru is operational again. The cause for these issues seemed to be spiky memory usage hitting the limit threshold defined for the service. The limit has been increased.

Jun 09 at 05:37pm CEST

Currently investigating the issue. The service should be online but probably degraded during the next few hours.

Jun 08 at 03:27pm CEST

The server software began throwing errors and crashing shortly after coming back online. The issue can not be diagnosed at this time and to prevent other services from becoming affected, the Szuru service is currently kept offline until the issue can be investigated.

Jun 08 at 03:02pm CEST

The server experienced an unknown fault affecting mainly and had to be rebooted, which caused some other services on that host to become briefly unavailable.

Jun 08 at 12:00pm CEST

Szuru experienced degraded performance starting at approximately 12:00 MESZ